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I have a list as follows (EN is you can say the default value)

id="1", lang="FR", value="text1FR"
id="1", lang="EN", value="text1EN"
id="2", lang="EN", value="text2EN"
id="3", lang="FR", value="text3FR"
id="3", lang="EN", value="text3EN"

is there a way to filter this list via linq to get this result? (take FR if it's there, else take EN which is always there)

id="1", lang="FR", value="text1FR"
id="2", lang="EN", value="text2EN"
id="3", lang="FR", value="text3FR"

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It is always better if you show your effort so far. This will reduce the likeliness of downvoting and enables us to teach you what the problems are with your solution instead of just giving you a solution you might not understand. –  Daniel Hilgarth Apr 2 '13 at 13:39
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@BojanSkrchevski: If it would be homework he wouldn't ask for a linq approach. –  Tim Schmelter Apr 2 '13 at 14:57
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var result = list.GroupBy(x => x.id)
    .Select(g => g.Any(x => x.lang=="FR") 
                 ? g.First(x => x.lang=="FR")
                 : g.First(x => x.lang=="EN"));

This is more efficient:

var result = list.GroupBy(x => x.id)
    .Select(g => g.Where(x => x.lang == "FR")
                  .DefaultIfEmpty(g.First(x => x.lang == "EN"))
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