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I have problem with rules priority in bnf converter. Here I copy some rules

CParams. CallParams ::= [CallParam] ;
separator CallParam "," ;
VarCParam. CallParam ::= Ident ;
ExpCParam. CallParam ::= Exp ;
BExpCParam. CallParam ::= BExp ;
EVar. Exp3 ::= Ident ;
BVar. BExp2 ::= Ident ;

I write an example program:

void p(int a) {
    a = a+7;
    print a;
main() {
    int i;

As a result I expect that p(i) will be translated to CParams [VarCParam (Ident "i")], but it is converted to CParams [BExpCParam (BVar (Ident "i"))].

Could you tell how to change the rules in order to fix this bug

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There is a conflict in your grammar: both trees are possible. happy just choose one way but probably printed something like this during compilation:

reduce/reduce conflicts: 2

To fix it you have to remove one of those rules:

VarCParam. CallParam ::= Ident ;
BExpCParam. CallParam ::= BExp ;
BVar. BExp2 ::= Ident ;
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