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I would like to replace

text = '2012-02-23 | My Photo Folder'


new_text = '20120223_MyPhotoFolder'

I found a regular expression that matches my date format here http://regexlib.com/RETester.aspx?regexp_id=933

what is the best way to approach this? Do I need regular expression groups and then do the replacement in those groups?

I assume I could simply search for " | " and replace with "_ and "-" with "" by normal string.replace(), but I would like to find a more general solution.

Thanks in advance.

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We can only give you a "more general solution" if you describe what general cases you would like to cover. –  Tomalak Apr 2 '13 at 14:06
Let's say I encounter " | " somewhere else in the string. I only want to replace it with "_" if it comes right after the date. Same goes for the "2012-02-23" --> "20120223". I only want to replace "-" --> "" if it occurs within the date part of the string. –  Eric Apr 2 '13 at 14:08

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import re

text = '2012-02-23 | My Photo Folder'

pattern = r'''
(?P<year>\d{4}) # year group consisting of 4 digits
(?P<month>\d{2}) # month group consisting of 2 digits
(?P<date>\d{2}) # date group consisting of 2 digits
(?P<name_with_spaces>.*$) # name_with_spaces consuming the rest of the string to the end
compiled = re.compile(pattern, re.VERBOSE)
result = compiled.match(text)
    result.group('name_with_spaces').translate(None,' ')))



A little explanation:

re.VERBOSE lets us write regular expression in multiple lines making it more readable and also allows comments.

'{}{}{}_{}'.format is just a string interpolation method which puts arguments in the places specified by {}.

translate method is applied to result.group('name_with_spaces') to remove spaces.

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Great! Thanks a lot! I was just gonna ask about this. That does exactly what I need to do. The only thing I added was an if statement checking whether result is true or false, since there list of directories might have things that I don't want to touch. –  Eric Apr 2 '13 at 14:42

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