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suppose my treeview has many node and i am adding images to those node from image list. here is my code.

private System.Windows.Forms.TreeView treeView1;
ImageList il = new ImageList();
            il.Images.Add(new Icon("KEY04.ICO"));
            il.Images.Add(new Icon("ARW06LT.ICO"));
            il.Images.Add(new Icon("LITENING.ICO"));
            il.Images.Add(new Icon("ARW06UP.ICO"));
            treeView1.ImageList = il ; 

            // Create the RootNode
            TreeNode rootNode = treeView1.Nodes.Add("USA");
            rootNode.ImageIndex =0 ;

            // Create the Child nodes for the root
            TreeNode states1 = rootNode.Nodes.Add("New York");
            states1.ImageIndex =1 ;
            TreeNode states2 = rootNode.Nodes.Add("Michigan");
            states2.ImageIndex =1 ;
            TreeNode states3 = rootNode.Nodes.Add("Wisconsin");
            states3.ImageIndex =1 ;
            TreeNode states4 = rootNode.Nodes.Add("California");
            states4.ImageIndex =1 ;

            // Create siblings nodes for the Child nodes 
            TreeNode child = states1.Nodes.Add("Rochester");
            child.ImageIndex = 2 ;
            child =states1.Nodes.Add("new York");
            child.ImageIndex = 2 ;
            child =states1.Nodes.Add("Albany");
            child.ImageIndex = 2 ;

            child = states2.Nodes.Add("Detroit");
            child.ImageIndex = 2 ;
            child =states2.Nodes.Add("Ann Arbor");
            child.ImageIndex = 2 ;
            child =states2.Nodes.Add("Lansing");
            child.ImageIndex = 2 ;

            child = states3.Nodes.Add("Milwaukee");
            child.ImageIndex = 2 ;
            child =states3.Nodes.Add("Madison");
            child.ImageIndex = 2 ;
            child =states3.Nodes.Add("La Cross");
            child.ImageIndex = 2 ;

            child = states4.Nodes.Add("Los Angeles");
            child.ImageIndex = 2 ;
            child =states4.Nodes.Add("San Fransisco");
            child.ImageIndex = 2 ;
            child =states4.Nodes.Add("San Diego");
            child.ImageIndex = 2 ;

i want to add animated gif icon at tree node instead of ico file. how can i do it. the most important part is animated gif image should play when i will run my apps. looking for best solution instead of developing custom treeview. thanks

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Looks similar to this question:… – Vladimir Frolov Apr 2 '13 at 14:33
this not what i am looking for. – Mou Apr 2 '13 at 15:04
winforms doesn't support animations. If you need advanced UI features such as animations, I strongly suggest you use any of the current (<10 years old) vector-based, hardware-accelerated, easier to work with, much more scalable, and beautiful, XAML-based technologies (such as WPF or WinRT). You could integrate WPF content inside an existing winforms application via the ElementHost. – HighCore Apr 2 '13 at 15:09
HighCore is right. But if you are still stuck with WinForms then you can try to do it with a timer, simply change the icon every 20 milliseconds. – Siraf Apr 2 '13 at 17:35
if i have large numbers of node then think what will happen? – Thomas Apr 2 '13 at 18:20

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