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I'm using Java SDK 1.7.5, HRD datastore with the following task queue setup:


GAE console

I'm getting a HTTP 404 when triggering the task. No errors in the logs just failing silently.

It seems a similar issue to this one Tasks queue up, nothing happens on retry (no log) but no luck after purging the queue.

Any ideas on how to diagnose the cause?

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I was also getting same error. After debug I found that I forget to deploy back-end version from eclipse. So You have to confirm that both backend and frontend has same updated code.

Try this code //backends.xml

 <backend name="mailback">

// Queue code

Queue surveyAssemblyQueue = QueueFactory.getQueue("surveyAssembly");
surveyAssemblyQueue.add(withUrl("/taskloop")param("type", type).header("Host",BackendServiceFactory.getBackendService().getBackendAddress("mailback", 0)));

Note: Instant Id should be "0" because I have created only 1 backend instant.

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