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I generated a class file for a webservice in visual basic I am trying to use to connect to a third party application for authentication.

When I ran the command line commands to generate the class files for the webservice I also found an output.config file generated with it.

What is the role of this file, and where should I put it to ensure the application can communicate successfully with the webservice?

By "where should I put it" I mean, should it go in the same folder as the webservice class file?


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I generated a class file for a webservice in visual basic [...]

I assume you used svcutil.exe? Svcutil creates not only the client code but also configuration to go with it. The configuration is in the output.config file. Inside it you will find such things like client endpoint, binding configuration or endpoint behaviours.

You will need to copy the configurations you find inside output.config and place it inside your App.config file or Web.config file (depending of the type of application you have).

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Thanks! That was exactly the problem. I copied it into my web.config file and now it runs error-free. –  Blunderfest Apr 3 '13 at 20:25

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