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I cannot find a way to make what seems to be one of the simplest thing with the boost asio library :

Read all the data available in a serial port

For example in Qt there is a readAll() method from QextSerialPort.

Actually, all the examples I found are about reading a certain amount of data, or multi threaded.

In my case I need it to read the data from a GSM controller. The response size depends on the sent command and the controller context so I can't specify it.

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You want the transfer_all() completion condition combined with the read() or async_read() free functions:

boost::array<char, 128> buf;
boost::system::error_code ec;
std::size_t n = boost::asio::read(
    sock, boost::asio::buffer(buf),
    boost::asio::transfer_all(), ec);
if (ec)
  // An error occurred.
  // n == 128
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I just tried this solution but it seems to have the same behavior as the standard blocking read. In the given example from the official documentation they say : Reading until a buffer is full. This is actually not what I want. I need to read all the data in the device buffer. –  Oswin Apr 3 '13 at 6:25

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