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As part of my internship, I try to change the dynamic website of the company. To do this, I installed Wamp and I transferred locally, the website of the company with filezilla I exported three databases in the hebergeur site. I imported these databases give in phpMyadmin.

When I try to work locally, I displays errors that I can not interpret (please see the next picture).

[a link] https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B6PyFANH4lYqNC1USm9oOEhEMGs/edit?usp=sharing

In (1) is normally a dropdown list that displays the zip code of cities. In local it shows me : (!) Notice: Undefined index: dep in D:\wamp\www\site_choix_funeraire\points-vente.php on line 282 Call Stack #TimeMemoryFuction

When I click on the map, for example, the postal code 76 (see the rag (2) in the first photo) it shows me the next photo

[a link] https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B6PyFANH4lYqZWFZQTItdmhRS0E/edit?usp=sharing

I think the site does not read from the database. When I imported the database (the .Sql) in phpMyAdmin, it is necessary to add another setting to the site to tell him to point to the database or is this done systematically?

What do you think about the problem and the display ? Thank you in advance

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You probably need to update the configuration of the application to point to the new database locally. The 'dep' error indicates an array is not complete which was probably loaded from the database. It's very hard to make database connection settings dynamic/systematical. –  Luceos Apr 2 '13 at 15:12

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The database that you have imported must have the same name as the project.

I don't know what IDE you are working on,but on the run properties you must define from where the project you will.

It must run from the wamp htdocs folder (inside it you must copy the project folder).

Also at the preferences set the ports to default.

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Looks like you're trying to connect to a database host that doesn't exist (that's what the "getaddrinfo failed" part means).

The documentation for the mysql_connect function is here, and indicates that the first argument is the host name of the server running the database. Since you're using a WAMP stack, you'll want to make sure that says "localhost" (make sure to change it back when you deploy).

For example:

mysql_connect("localhost", "my_username", "my_password");

I will also note that it is unlikely that your database dumps also copied the database users that are being used on the live site, so you will either have to create them on your local machine or use a different database account that does exist (again, remember to change it back when you deploy).

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Try this to connect to the localhost server.

$connect = mysql_connect("localhost:3306", "root", "mypassword");
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