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I am having difficulty in getting EventMachine Web-socket client to connect to a secure web-socket server wss:// using TLS.

I have an EventMachine web-socket server setup and running fine. I can use javascript from the browser and the connections work great. Just can't get the EventMachine Web-socket client connections to work.

I am thinking it might be something with the certificates but not sure how to tell.

Here is my client code:

require 'eventmachine'
require 'em-websocket-client'

EM.run do
    conn = EventMachine::WebSocketClient.connect("ws://")

    conn.callback do
        data = {data: 'data'}
        conn.send_msg data.to_json

    conn.errback do |e|
        puts "Got error: #{e}"

    conn.stream do |msg|
        puts "<#{msg}>"

    conn.disconnect do
        puts "success"

I get no error(s)? I can decipher from the client. And on the server (running in debug mode) shows only:

[[:unbind, :connection]]

I have also tried replacing the ws:// with wss:// to no avail.

By the way everything works fine if I take encryption out of the problem.

Anyone else have success with this?

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It turns out that currently EventMachine::WebSocketClient does NOT support wss:// connections. The server does, but that is a separate project.

I ended up using faye-websocket-ruby which does support wss://

There are examples in the README.md on how to use.

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