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I am trying to make a search page which searches products under the products database using their brands and models. But the problem here is that when a query contains both the brand and model number no results are returned because of the like and or_like active records.

I am trying the following:

    $this->db->like('brand', $query, 'both');
    $this->db->or_like('model', $query, 'both');
    $this->db->order_by("views", "ASC");
    $query = $this->db->get();

What should I do to get results for the queries that contains both the brand and model names?

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I'm assuming the actual query looks something like this:

  FROM products 
  WHERE brand LIKE '%query%' 
    OR model LIKE '%query%' 
  ORDER BY views ASC

That's the correct query to get records where brand contains 'query' or model contains 'query'.

I'd say to run $this->db->last_query(); and see if the query is correct - then run that actual query against your database.

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