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I'm trying to access a .jpg file that is inside my src folders with this line of code:


That leads to NullPointerException.

I tried to put the file in the app/ root directory. I also tried to put it in test/ directory and also test/resources as well.

When I run the test from Eclipse it works fine, but it does not from command line using play test.

How to solve this?

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I believe that you can achieve it by using


It is dependent on the running application but for the unit test you can create your own application. Take a look into API docs.

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Place the file under public or app/assets as described in Anatomy of a Play application. You can also have the test resources under test/resources.

[root]> help resourceDirectory
Default unmanaged resource directory, used for user-defined resources.

[root]> show test:resourceDirectory
[info] root/test:resourceDirectory
[info]  /Users/jacek/dev/sandbox/play-new-app/test/resources

With the resource file(s) in one of the directories, you can get at them as follows:

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