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I've faced with strange problem that I noticed only in Google Chrome: element size (images, inner tables) changes when inspect it via developer tools.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open Chrome developers tools.
  2. Open elements
  3. Select from element hierarchy any element that contains table table#inner

Result: element increase size on each selecting of it (means element), till it achieve the specified size

Linked Problem: table#inner must change own size due size of table#outer td element, but it doesn't

Code example: page.jsp

<div id="outer_div">
<table id="outer">
      <table id="inner">


#inner {
  width: auto; // or 100%;

with: 300px; work fine )

P.S. In Firefox all works fine

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If you mean #inner should occupy the size of #outer then,

#inner {


#inner {
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