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In a launchd daemon, I try to connect to a server using non-blocking sockets.

Everything works fine, until I put the MAC to sleep for a half an hour, then wake it up. The daemon first hangs, then I get a SIGPIPE error.

I am running the latest version of mountain lion, if that helps....

Note: it also makes the daemon crash. I know it's a SIGPIPE error because I see it in the logs.

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Looks like a write error. After resuming, the socket is no longer connected and you get a SIGPIPE signal.

Also, if you don't handle it, your daemon gets terminated. Depending on your settings, launchd may choose to restart it… or not.

Your best bet is to set a signal handler and deal appropriately with the error. This way, you will get notifications and your daemon won't get terminated.

A call to sigaction() or signal() whill allow you to specify a routine to be executed when you receive a predefined signal (but don't call both as they are mutually exclusive)

Also, recently, the preferred way is to use kqueue-based dispatch sources.

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