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I'm developing a Desktop application. I have a button that upon click calls some webservices.

Problem is when there is no connection or on a slow connection the interface becomes unresponsive and it seems as if the application crashed.

Wonder what are the techniques to get around this

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You need to investigate multi-threading.

By creating a thread and performing the processing on that you'll keep the UI responsive.

See this MSDN article for a starting point.

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You should use BackgroundWorker.

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You can make asynchronous calls to the web service. This means that the GUI doesn't wait for the response.

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You could use a thread to make the WS requests, and keep the interface thread free and responsive. You should notify the user when waiting by displaying an appropriate message and a progress indicator. Here's something specific to GTK# UI update.

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Use the BackgroundWorker class for calling a webservice.

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I asked something very similar myself. See this post.

BackgroundWorker is your friend!

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Also see this FAQ (and answer), especially the talk about GTK+'s "idle" system.

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