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I have the following structure for my project.

- src/
 - .gitignore
 - lib
    - liba
    - libb
    - lib
    - libd

in my .gitignore, I asked to ignore lib folder. Assume lib contains external libraries like jquery, jqueryui,.. which has its own lifecycle. Unfortunately the tools I use require lib inside my src folder. Now, I need to make changes to liba. I don't want to track all the external projects in lib (except liba), but need to save my changes to liba. If I remove lib from .gitignore, that results in tracking the projects in lib. May be I could exclude one project only in .gitignore (option1), or git submodule may be the answer. option1 needs to exclude any libraries I may add to lib in the future rather than adding it manually every time to .gitignore. I read about submodule, but not sure is it posssible in my case as the external repo is within my src.

What is the best way to achieve this.


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If you want to ignore lib, except for lib/liba, you can structure your .gitignore like this:


This basically says to ignore everything in lib except for lib/liba. If there are only a few files (e.g. *.h files) in lib/liba that you want to track, you could take it a step further:


Although that won't catch files in subdirectories of lib/liba. To do that, you will probably need a second .gitignore in lib/liba/.gitignore. Then your main .gitignore would be like the first example, and your lib/liba/.gitignore would say:

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You can use git add -f to explicitly add ignored items. That way you can leave your .gitignore as is but still track lib/liba.

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