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I am trying to show the data from the twitter API 1.1 search. I have a specific hashtag I would like to display. I have created an app and have it Authorized - so I am returning

http://anunbridledproposal.com/fast/wp-content/themes/fastinfohub/get-tweets-search.php password: FastAGM2013

The problem is I have no idea how to actually display the JSON using jQuery on my site.

Here is what I have now - any help would be appreciated greatly!




                $.each(data, function(entryIndex, entry){
                    var html = '<div class="data">';                    
                    html += '<h3>' + entry['company'] + '</h3>';
                    html += '<div class="product">' + entry['product'] + '</div>';                  
                    html += '<div class="type">' + entry['type'] + '</div>';                                        


There are no errors, but then again there is no data being displayed. I would love to have user name - the tweet with a hashtag - date and time displayed. Anyone know how to accomplish this?


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$.getJSON doesn't pass auth credentials in the request, and if this code is not running on 'anunbridledproposal.com/'; you'll have issues with same-origin policy. –  Skelly Apr 2 '13 at 18:17
Thanks Skelly - It is running on 'anunbridledproposal.com/' - but that being said, I really just need help with trying to "parse" out the json. –  Ryan McCarthy Apr 3 '13 at 21:29

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