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I'm developing my first Windows store app, and I have an issue with styles. Any new Windows store app project in VS 2012 has a StandardStyles.xaml resources dictionary. This resources dictionary contais a lot of styles for all the textblock controls, but this styles aren't consistencies with the styles in the Windows Store App Guidelines For Fonts. For example - HeaderTextStyle is a style for page headers in StandardStyles.xaml and it has a FontSize setter with value=56; - Page header, in Windows Store App Guidelines for Font, has the FontSize property value equal to 42

What is the right choise?

Someone can help me?

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This is a matter of units. It is a 42pt font, which is 56 pixels.

Here is a blog post that might help:

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Thanks a lot!!! I understood the mistake! – Roberto Barbetta Apr 4 '13 at 10:37

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