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I'm trying to show a file open on an app that runs on OSX and Windows (XP, 7 & 8) and on windows the below code works fine but on OS X (10.6 - 10.8) it will eventually show some files, maybe, but in general just sits there with the wait icon spinning, trying to load the files (see pic below). This is regardless of what defaultPath is set to.

QString defaultPath = QDir::homePath();
QString filter = QString(tr("Images "))+QString(QLatin1String("(*.jpg *.jpeg *.tif)"));
QStringList fileList = QFileDialog::getOpenFileNames(0,tr("Open"),defaultPath,filter);

Any thoughts on what I am doing wrong?

enter image description here

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That particular snippet should work fine. I suspect something somewhere else is filling up the event queue. Are you seeing unusually high CPU usage? I had an issue awhile ago that led to almost the exact the symptoms you are seeing- a completely vanilla call to one of the static members of QFileDialog would open the dialog but never show files. It ended up being from an unrelated QGraphicsObject doing something in paint() that caused recursion (nothing else in the app was affected but the backlogged event queue except for QFileDialog stuff). The bug only really affected OS X and not Linux. –  Linville Apr 2 '13 at 16:46
Sounds about right. CPU usage is minimal, about 5-10%. How did you finally find the problem? –  Adam Haile Apr 2 '13 at 17:29
I suspected an issue with my QGraphicsView because QFileDialog would work fine until after objects were added to QGraphicsView. From there I did some profiling and noted that QGraphicsObject::paint() was getting called unusually often when nothing was really going on in the QGraphicsView (it was just some static objects- nothing moving). That's when I ran across a question somebody asked about QGraphicsItem and realized my error. Look for things that fill the event queue- timers, graphicviews. –  Linville Apr 2 '13 at 18:20

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