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I have the following list of tuples in scala, How to find the tuple with the max key or max value .

val arr = List(('a',10),('b',2),('c',3))

Max Key lexicographically - c Max Value - 10

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scala> val list = List(('a',10),('b',2),('c',3))
list: List[(Char, Int)] = List((a,10), (b,2), (c,3))

scala> val maxByKey = list.maxBy(_._1)
maxByKey: (Char, Int) = (c,3)

scala> val maxByVal = list.maxBy(_._2)
maxByVal: (Char, Int) = (a,10)

So basically you can provide to List[T] any function T => B (where B can be any ordered type, such as Int or String by example) that will be used to find the maximum.

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