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I see that time to time localhost port number changes (http://localhost:1519/ ....).

Basically how does it being set or chosen? And when does it change?


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It's just a random number:

When you use the ASP.NET Development Server to run a file-system Web site, by default, the Web server is invoked on a randomly selected port for localhost.

Although you can specify it yourself by disabling dynamic ports.

Take a look at : How to: Specify a Port for the ASP.NET Development Server

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The setting is placed in the properties of the project. Right click your project file and chose the Web Tab. If it is set to Auto-assigned Port, the Visual studio would randomly give you a port number. But you could chose the Specific port to assign your own port number.

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You can set it here: Choose "Use dynamic port = false"

alt text

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You can set this in the properties window on the website, there is an option to assign it as dynamic or choose a fixed port called "Use dynamic port", set this to false and then choose your port number.

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