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The following is my controller code and the view code . The view displays a list of games and i would like to add a game to the existing table in the same view. I'm having some issues with the post proceeding. Any suggestions or could anyone point out what I might me doing wrong?

class GamesController < ApplicationController

  # GET /games
  def index
    @games = []
    client = Games::Client.new
    @games =client.get_games
    if @games.blank?
    if params[:name]
      client.create_games params[:name] 

%nav.navigation-bar.clearfix{:role => "navigation"}
  %h3.reader-details Game tools
  %a.home{:href => root_path, :role => "link", :title => "Home"}Home
    %form.standard{:action => "/games", :method => "post"}
      %input{type: 'text', name: 'name', class: 'text'}
      %input.primary-action{type: 'submit', value: 'Add', class: 'button'}
    - if @games.present?
            %th type
            %th id            
          - @games.each do |game|
              %td= game['type']
              %td= game['id']

         %a= link_to "Back", root_path          
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You don't have a create action defined. When you create the RESTful routes for a resource, the POST to /games doesn't look for the index action, it look for the create action.

Scaffolding your resource is a good way to see what Rails wants you to do.

rails g scaffold game name:string

This will create your RESTful routes and it will create the actions in your controller that correspond to them. Note, you may want to scrap what you have before attempting a scaffold, or the scaffold might not create everything that's needed. Save your view code to a temporary file if you want to paste it back in afterward.

Here's more or less how I'd go about it:

# View
= form_for Game.new do |f|
  = f.text_field :name
  = f.submit 'Add'

# Controller
  def create
    if Game.create(params[:game])
      redirect_to :action => 'index'
      flash[:notice] = "There was a problem creating your new game"
      render :action => 'index'

# Routes
  resources :games
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