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Both devise confirmable (email confirmation when user signs up) and reconfirmable (email confirmation when user changes email) modules send the same email template, "confirmation_instructions". How do I get it so that a different email template is used for confirmable?

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#Devise Mailer

def confirmation_instructions(record)
  @resource = record
    if @resource.pending_reconfirmation?
      mail(to: @resource.unconfirmed_email, subject: "Confirm new email") do |format|
        format.html { render ... }
      mail(to: @resource.email, subject: "Confirm new account") do |format|
        format.html { render .... }
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Just looked at the docs and there's a send_on_create_notification method that you can override in the model. So just need to override this method so that the confirmation email is not sent and a different one is sent instead. In that email, I'll just have the confirmation link.

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