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There is ".yii" file in the following folders:

  • /assets/
  • /images/
  • /protected/commands/shell/
  • /protected/extensions/
  • /protected/messages/
  • /protected/runtime/
  • /protected/views/system/
  • /themes/classic/views/layouts/
  • /themes/classic/views/site/
  • /themes/classic/views/system/

What is it?

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I believe they are generated by yiic, not sure what purpose they have though as they always appear to be empty unless they are purely used as a means of storing a timestamp against the build date.

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i assumed it was some kind of placeholder to stop mercurial/git from ignoring the directory

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Interesting enough, for me, git still ignored the directory (I just realized after cloning to another machine that directories with only .yii file in them are not in repository) - so I added .gitignore files instead. I hope it's safe to delete .yii files. – Milan Babuškov Nov 5 '09 at 0:05

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