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How would one go about creating an ng-show like directive that would hide an element but not the child elements?

I was thinking if url variable exists angular template

<a ng-show-link="url" ng-href="{{url}}">
  <img ng-src="picture.png" />

would print out

<a href="/url">
  <img src="picture.png" />

, and if the url didn't exist

<img src="picture.png" />

. Would help cut out additional container elements when using with ng-repeat.

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I think it would be easier to have an <img> tag, and then write a directive to wrap it with an <a> tag if a url is present. Adding/wrapping is cleaner than removing existing tags.

Though with a tad bit of redundancy in your view you could also do this without a directive:

<a ng-show="url" ng-href="{{url}}"><img src="picture.png" /></a>
<img ng-hide="url" src="picture.png" />
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I think i'll go with your second solution for the time being. Tried moving ng-src attribute into an <a> tag inside the directive for a bit but no luck – WhoDidThis Apr 3 '13 at 10:56

Create a custom directive and apply it on the <a> tag and pass the url in an attribute. If the url is not defined, use JQuery dom manipulation to remove the <a> and keep <img> in it's place.

Although it is much simpler to just disable the link or use javascript:; in its place. Trying to remove the <a> is kind of premature optimization.

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