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I have a handlebar template and all i want is to get me all the handlebar expression from the div ?

Html Code

    <div id="comp_login_i18n">
        <form name="loginForm">
                <tr class="requiredField">
                    <td >
                        <input type="text">

                <tr class="requiredField">
                        <input type="text">
                    <td class="tableWidth" colspan="2">
                        <button {{action submitForm}} class="submit" type="button">{{content.button}}</button>


I am writing a method which takes all the handlebar expression from this div and change the label according to langauge selected. I dont know how to get the handlebars expressions inside this div . Anyone?

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I would advise against trying to construct template files on-the-fly. Better inject a "i18n" property inside the context of the template and change it according to the language you selected.

Server side pseudo code:

language = getUserLanguage();//user's desired language
data = ...; //data that is needed for your templates (other that i18n stuff)
data.i18n = getStringsForLanguage(language);//get strings for selected language
render(template, data);//invoking template rendering



Then, somewhere you need to define strings for each language (to get in getStringsForLanguage) f.ex:


token1Label = This is token1Label in English


token1Label = This is token1Label in German
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i am using ember and i have stucked where all i want is the handlebar expression in div and after i get that expression all i do is assign expression array to objects(key's) array and i am done but i cant fins anywhere to get the expression of handlebar inside the current div – inputError Apr 2 '13 at 18:38

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