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What does NOTIFY=&SYSUID mean on the first line of a JCL? For example in the below declaration:

//DEV1000D JOB (0998,DEV,000,US),'TEST',        
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NOTIFY=&SYSUID indicates that the user who submitted the job should be notified when it completes.

From the MVS JCL manual: NOTIFY:

In a non-APPC scheduling environment, requests that the system send a message to a userid when this background job completes.


The system replaces &SYSUID with the user ID under whose authority the job will run, which is normally one of the following:

  • The USER parameter from the JOB statement, if specified, or
  • The user ID from which the job was submitted.
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Another thing about &SYSUID you can only use it in the jobcard. You can use it as say part of a dataset name in the JCL below the jobcard. –  Deuian Apr 3 '13 at 6:32
@Deuian The second can should be can't? –  C. Ross Apr 3 '13 at 12:30
yes, you can not use &SYSUID as part of a dataset –  Deuian Apr 8 '13 at 17:04

Let me explain what is NOTIFY

NOTIFY statement is to direct the system ,where it has to send the success failure message after completing the job.

syntax :NOTIFY=userid/&SYSUID

Simply it says to which user the notification has to be send &SYSID is the userid from which the jcl is submitted

eg: NOTIFY=TRC033 will send success/failure message to trc033

NOTIFY=&SYSUID will send send/failure message to user submitting the job

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