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I have four columns detailing the changelogs of a game and I'd like to add an option allowing users to simply click a button and only have them view the most recent updates. Each update has it's own div. Would I be able to do so through JQuery by adding an id to these most recent update divs such as "current" and on the click of a button, remove all divs with the class "update" that do not have the "current" id?

Four Columns --> Each column having a most recent update looking like so :-

<div class="ch-update">
            <div class="ch-update-header active">
                Minecraft 1.5.1
                <li>Fixed a bunch of bugs</li>
                <li>Improved performance</li>
                <li>Notable: Crash on Mac OS X on "OpenGL Function Not Supported"</li>
                <li>Notable: Unable to place paintings</li>
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code stuff required plz......! –  Jai Apr 2 '13 at 17:48
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Your requirement-

remove all divs with the class "update" that do not have the "current" id

I think this should be done this way:

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Rather than maintaining your state through classes, you may want to just take advantage of the DOM ordering. I.e., simply remove all the div's that aren't the last one. E.g.,

I'm of course making assumptions about your markup here, since it wasn't provided. But the interaction might look something like this:

$('#view-recent-for-column-1').click(function() {
    $('#column-1 > div').slice(0, -1).remove();
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My markup has now been added to the OP. Would this method allow for four most recent updates, one in each column? –  user1832425 Apr 2 '13 at 17:55
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