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I've been messing around with Compass, using the Scout GUI, for a day now and sprites are driving me crazy.

Compass is creating the sprite but it seems the CSS is pointing to the wrong place.

The import statement looks like:

@import "images/icon/*.png";

And, here's how I'm calling it:


    @include icon-sprite("social");

The link that is getting created in the CSS is:


I would like it to be:


This is my config.rb:

http_path = ""
css_dir = "css"
sass_dir = "scss"
images_dir = "images"
relative_assets = true
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Figured it out: Import path needs to be @import "../compass/images/icon/*.png";

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problem somehow came back. getting error: Compass::SpriteException on line 84 of C: No files were found in the load path matching "../compass/images/icon/*.png". Your current load paths are: C:/wamp/www/compass/images/icon any ideas? – Anthony Apr 2 '13 at 20:44

Change 'relative_assets' to false.

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