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I am required to parse a text file in my VS project in mfc in c++. The text file is supposed to be a part of the entire exe product. For that purpose, I placed the text file in my resources folder and set the path in my code as:

char fileName[] = "../myFile.txt";

The problem I'm facing is that VS doesn't find this file in its Resources folder. I added the file in the project file, but that just gave me a corrupt file error. However, the file access works if I provide the absolute path to the file in my code i.e. "C/abc/myFile.txt"

I need the code running on all machines, hence need some method to get VS to read this file using a relative path. Can anybody please provide some assistance? I am a newbie and have tried all that's in my knowledge.

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Actually, if it's a resource file it should be copied over to the bin folder, which means your fileName should just be:

char fileName[] = "myFile.txt";

if that doesn't work then, you might need to change the properties of your myFile.txt to ensure it does get copied over with the build process.

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thanks for your reply! how do i change the properties of my file so that it gets included in the build process? I searched around and there is a setting in VS in the properties that lets you specify the build action. I dont see any such setting in my VS. All I see in the properties panel for my textfile is: Name , Content (true/false) , File Type, Full Path, Included in Project (true/false) I have specified 'Included in Project' as true. But still no difference –  Sundus Alamovic Apr 4 '13 at 17:59

Here you can find an answer for your question: http://www.cplusplus.com/forum/general/54255/

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Link only answers are discouraged because links vanish over time. Please give a brief summary of the answer here. –  demongolem May 30 '13 at 14:15

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