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I have a label box in a Userform that I wanted to change the text of using vlookup. What I have right now is:

Label1.Caption = Application.VLookup(Target, Sheets("CardData").Range("I2:J7"), 2, False)

Label1 is the label I'm trying to change, and target is a string. I've tried to Dim Target as String and Variant with similar results.

It seems to randomize between running or telling me there's a type mismatch - this can change when I save and exit, then reopen the excel file. Also, changing the label from enabled to disabled or vice versa can also cause the type mismatch. What am I screwing up here?


In my UserForm_Initialize, I have this:

With List1
     .addItem "a"
     .addItem "b"
End With

With List2
     .addItem "c"
     .addItem "d"
End With

List1.Value = "a"
List2.Value = "c"

MsgBox List1.Value
MsgBox List2.Value

List1 returns a blank, but List2 returns "c". The default selection part of that works fine though - as in: the UserForm shows that List1 has "a" selected, and List2 has "c" selected.

Edit-update 2: Thanks for adding the code boxes Tim. Also, I'm pretty sure I changed nothing relating to the lists, but after exporting and importing it into a new worksheet to test (removing the outside links) it loads those 2 values fine, but my 3rd list in the UserForm is not registering. This one was previously working, and I haven't touched it since. Are there any known issues with having 3 lists? I'm really confused now since I haven't touched List3 for days. I am also getting this result if I load the original file rather than the import file now...which doesn't even make sense since nothing was changed at all on the original file.

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Before assigning the return value to the Caption property I would first check it's not returning an error value using IsError() –  Tim Williams Apr 2 '13 at 18:41
Thanks! That narrowed the problem down significantly - never occurred to me that the value being returned was the part that's wrong...The problem (not sure how to fix it yet) is that apparently when I initiated the UserForm - I cleared the Listboxes and added the selections. THEN I set the default selection. That vlookup line is called whenever there's a change in the selection of the listbox, and right now it's returning an error, and not recognizing the default selection. If I choose a selection AFTER that first error, it works fine. Any suggestions? –  user2237254 Apr 2 '13 at 19:11
In the code which fills the listboxes, set a global boolean "init" flag which your other code can check so it can ignore any events raised while you set up the form. –  Tim Williams Apr 2 '13 at 19:26
Thanks for all your help - I'm trying to set it up so the box actually has something in it from the start though. I have 2 lists set up the same way (The whole "With List1 .additem 1234 etc" deal) and if I msgbox List1.Value, it'll return a blank - BUT if I msgbox List2.Value, it'll return the default selection. Both are set up before I do the msgbox (List1.Value = "a", List2.Value = "b") and both shows up selecting the right things in the list box in the UserForm, but List1's value doesn't seem to be readable right away? Seems like it only starts registering value after List1_Change kicks in –  user2237254 Apr 2 '13 at 19:45
Sorry, I can't really follow what's going on from your last comment. Best bet would be to update your question with the relevant code from your form. –  Tim Williams Apr 2 '13 at 20:04

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