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Basically, I want to create Java method in Servlet that sends Email to given Mail ID.

For a bit detail, I am creating a online portal. Now, the feature I am implementing is that on user registration, a EMail will be sent to the registered EMail ID. The situation is that I can't create a whole class or dedicated servlet to handle this operation. I need to create a dedicated method only and I can create other supportive methods and call them.

Please someone give me idea how to implement. I looked for it at 5-6 places but didn't understand code. It would be helpful if you explained the code too. I understand Java EE on Professional Level.

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Read something about JavaMail API.

It implements necessary complexity for sending mail.

Here, you have a good example in how to use it using Gmail SMTP service.

Let us know if you need some more help.

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Thanx a lot...The answer was too useful... –  Keyur Golani Apr 2 '13 at 21:50
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