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When I enter the url through the browser for the first time, my servlet filter is hit. For example, appPages/Nav.xhtml?id=1 pasted first time in the browser does refresh the page. Now, when i change the query string to appPages/Nav.xhtml?id=2 also refreshes the page.

But the third time I enter appPages/Nav.xhtml?id=1 it still remembers the old stage and my filter is never called. In my web.xml I have configured the filter as


Why is it remembering the old state? This only happens when I enter the url in the same tab same window again. But a reload works fine.

UPDATE: It works fine on Chrome but not on IE!

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It may be caused by client-side caching. Make sure you disable caching by setting the appropriate response headers in your servlets and/or filters. See the following answers for detailed instructions:

How to prevent the result of Servlets from being cached?

Java servlet how to disable caching of page

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