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Suppose I have the following code:

ord_reg<- clm(as.factor(y)~log10(x), data=dataframe, link="probit")

Suppose that I want to specify that the probit slope is 1.2. Would this be the correct code:

ord_reg<- clm(as.factor(y)~log10(x)+offset(probit_slope=1.2), data=dataframe, link="probit")
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What is the name of the variable for which you want to fix a parameter? Let's pretend it is x2 and you want to fix the parameter to 1.2

ord_reg<- clm(as.factor(y)~log10(x)+offset(x2*1.2), data=dataframe, link="probit")

Ben Bolker suggested you want the log10(x) parameter fixed. In which case, you'd do the following:

ord_reg<- clm(as.factor(y)~offset(log10(x)*1.2), data=dataframe, link="probit")
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I think the OP might want as.factor(y)~offset(1.2*log10(x)) ? –  Ben Bolker Apr 2 '13 at 19:14

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