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how to map the path to the file easily?


function writetologfile($content)

    $filename = 'logfile/testing_randomstring.txt';

    if (!$handle = fopen($filename, 'a')) 
    	echo "Cannot open file ($filename)";


the actual path of the text file is in public_html/r/admin/logfile/testing_randomstring.txt

so if I run the script at public_html/folder1/folder2/addlog.php, it won't be able to find the path to the testing_randomstring.txt





How I can able to easily point to this text file path, no matter where my php calling script is from.

I tried to change $filename = 'logfile/testing_randomstring.txt'; inside writetologfile function by enforcing it to absolute fix path, something like $filename='/r/admin/logfile/testing_randomstring.txt', but it is not working

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Instead of using a relative path, you could specify an absolute path. Assuming public_html is in your home directory, try this:

$filename = '/public_html/r/admin/logfile/testing_randomstring.txt';
fopen(getenv('HOME') . $filename, 'a');

This uses getenv to read the contents of the environment variable $HOME.

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