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How can I prevent Visual Studio from tracing into strlen() and other such functions?

I have a source line like:

i = my_function(x, strlen(x));

When I step into this line of source, I don't want to step into strlen(), but only my_function(). Is there a way to remove these as I encounter them?

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I'm not sure if I follow... by "tracing" you me stepping through in the debugger? –  Jeff Bridgman Nov 25 '13 at 21:40
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You can right-click on the line in the debugger and choose to step directly into my_function, or if the call has multiple argument function calls, you can step into one of your choosing from the right-click menu. This doesn't let you skip those automatically, but it is helpful.

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Assuming you mean stepping through the code in the debugger within Visual Studio. You should be able to just press F10 to step over code when you're on that line. If you press F11, that'll step into the code which means you'll travel down into the code for strlen().

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