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I'm trying to find out what makes a Like gate work. With this question, yes I'm obviously new to understanding the tech behind Facebook.

I am trying to create a website that will:

  1. Prompt users to join with FB
  2. Connect to their FB accounts
  3. Add a Tab on users' pages and populate that tab with a media player
  4. only have the tab accessible after "Like"

If I can get my head around HOW the Like Gate really works, then perhaps I can begin to understand how to connect my website to Facebook and have the website feed Facebook with the media player within the new FB page tab.

There are websites that already obviously use this technology. You Go to the website and there is a Facebook image which you click, used to register to the website. A small window then pops up asking for your permission to Authorize the website/app to access your page. Once you do, you then have access to the website and it's tools/apps/ You can then customize a player like ReverbNation for example, with color choices, etc., which when completed, will then be sent to FB and show up on your FB page as a new ReverbNation Tab at the top. This tab is now populated with the player you created on the RN website, as well as other stuff like Bio, contact info, etc.

The simplest help here would be most appreciated.

Thank you :-)

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Possible Duplicates:

Basically you want to use the Facebook SDK:

  • Sign up as a developer on Facebook
  • Create an app
  • Give it the correct parameters

The duplicates mentioned above contain more concrete examples.

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