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I have created a subclass of NSView that allows me to easily change the background color via the method - (void)setBackgroundColor:(NSColor *)aBackgroundColor.

I want my view controller's main view to be this subclass, so I initiate it with self.view = [[BetterNSView alloc] initWithFrame....

On the next line, I try to set its background color: [self.view setBackgroundColor:[NSColor greenColor]]. But the compiler complains, saying that NSView doesn't have the method setBackgroundColor.

To solve this, I need to use typecasting: [(BetterNSView *)self.view setBackgroundColor:[NSColor greenColor]];. That works. But I'd like to not need the typecasting.

How do I tell the compiler that the view property of the view controller is the BetterNSView subclass? Remember, I'm not using IB.

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You have two reasonable choices.

  1. Make an accessor on your view controller with the right type that just passes through to the view property.
  2. Deal with the typecast.

Really, this is one of this situations where typecasting is okay.

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