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I have full automatic backups running fine in WHM, and I'm now implementing a script to automatically download content to a database, however they're not playing nicely together.

There's several dozen feeds I'm trying to aggregate, many of them containing several thousand items, so ideally I'd like this a process running round the clock refreshing them all, which alone isn't a problem.

But, due to the feeds and backups needing a lot of disk usage, the load and I/O wait time is getting ridiculous, so I'm hoping there's a way I can detect (preferably in PHP) if a backup is currently running pause the feed processing while that's happening.

I could just play around with backup/feed times so they don't coincide, but the backups seem to take anything from 2 - 10 hours, so that's really not ideal.

Can I detect if a backup is currently being run by WHM? Thanks.

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If you already know the name of the backup process shown when you type top using SSH, then I think you can use ps aux | grep your_process_name with BASH using SSH.

You may also call this commands using PHP , more info about this : Run Bash Command from PHP

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