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I'm a newbie I am trying to create a regex in notepad ++ to replace all href="http://www.reactivemail.com/(any series of charcters)"

essentially all I want is to put a / on the end of all href's but only if it does not contain a dot e.g it is a path to a file like .html

so here is what i want to find

href="http://www.reactivemail.com(some path to a directory)"

but ignore href="http:www.reactivemail.com(some path).some extension"

and want to add a / to href's that only go to a directory and are missing a / on the end

this is the regex I am using:


and the replace is \1/

it finds what I want perfectly

only for href's with a .file extension it still finds the path and ignores everything after the. instead of ignoring everything because it contains a dot

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What if a directory name contains a dot? –  Tim Pietzcker Oct 16 '09 at 10:39
no directorys do contain a dot i tried your solution though and it does not work as it finds everything till the end of the line e.g href="reactivemail.com/pricing"><span>pricing</…; instead of just href="reactivemail.com/pricing however it does ingore everything with a dot in it I wouldn't be bother if there were not 500 or so links that needed updating –  ash Oct 16 '09 at 10:56
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2 Answers

It's a bit dangerous (see my comment to your question), but you can try searching for:


and replacing with

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More precisely: replace (href="http:\/\/www\.reactivemail\.com[^.]*[^/])(") with \1/" –  Jeremy Stein Oct 16 '09 at 14:24
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Try this (http[s]*\://[^\"]+)/([^\."/]+)" and replace with \1/\2/". This should catch every http and https url, but will miss the folders with periods in them.

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