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In Ruby on Rails you can place the access control headers in the Application Controller. What about Padrino? where do you place them? I've tried placing them in the method of a Controller I need to use different headers and inside app.rb, but it doesn't workout... any ideas?

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Perhaps the answer to this question could help - stackoverflow.com/questions/4351904/sinatra-options-http-verb –  Nikhil Apr 4 '13 at 0:13

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As Nikhil mentioned it, setting the response headers yourself is a great way of doing it and being in control of what's happening.

If you put them on a before block in app.rb they will apply to the every route in your app which I guess is what you're trying to achieve here.

Just be careful on which permissions you grant. I find this MDN guide a great resource for CORS headers.

Hope that helps, Darío

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