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I have written a very simple file with specification shown below to to tokenize words:

%class Lexer

WORD = [^\r\n\t ]

{WORD}  {System.out.println("Word is:"+yytext());}

.       {System.out.println("Bad character: "+ yytext());}

The following are the commands I run:

jflex hindi.jlex
javac Lexer.java

I get the following error:

Lexer.java:442: cannot find symbol
symbol  : class Yytoken
location: class Lexer
  public Yytoken yylex() throws java.io.IOException {
1 error

Any help appreciated.

On a additional note I checked the Lexer.java file and there was no main function in it. Is that the reason for this error.

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I removed the antlr tag, since I fail to see how it is related to ANTLR. –  Bart Kiers Apr 2 '13 at 20:35
I thought that people using ANTLR would know about this so tagged that. Will take care of it next time, –  Aman Deep Gautam Apr 2 '13 at 20:43

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If you want to check the lexer standalone(without a parser) then add the following to the user code section:

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Those working with byaccj and getting this error should add a %byaccj line instead of %standalone below the %class Lexer line

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