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I am using a Panel in an ASP.NET webpage to hide or display a selection of control in response to a client side button click. Simple script toggles the visibility

    function SetToAddSurvey() {

    var x = document.getElementById("NewSurveyPanel");
    if ( == "none") { = "block";
    } else { = "none";

I now need to toggle the display property on the server side following a database transaction. I know I can't use the code

NewSurveyPanel.visible = false; 

as it will cause the control to not be rendered and the above jscript to fail when it is called next.

NewSurveyPanel.Attributes["display"] = "block";

also doesn't work.

Is there an easy solution for this?


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Use a CSS class:

.hidden {
   display: none;


 NewSurveyPanel.CssClass = "hidden";
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Try this

NewSurveyPanel.Attributes["style"] = "display: none";


NewSurveyPanel.Attributes["style"] = "visibility: hidden";

What this does is to render the opening tag like this:

<div ....... style="display: none" ....>
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Code Behind

NewSurveyPanel.Attributes["style"] = "display: block";


<asp:Panel ID="NewSurveyPanel" runat="server">
<asp:Button runat="server" OnClientClick="SetToAddSurvey(); return false;" />
    function SetToAddSurvey() {

        var x = document.getElementById("<%= NewSurveyPanel.ClientID%>");
        if ( == "none") {
   = "block";
        } else {
   = "none";
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