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I am trying to load a "ComplexType" property (p2) that is being called from a ComplexType property (p1) (Nested ComplexType). After getting the metadata I see that both classes were recognized as complextypes, but in breeze.debug


it's seeing the p1 (outside complextype) first, so then when it tries to resolve one of its property type which is a complexType, p2. it's reading

var type = typeMap[qualTypeName];

and since "typeMap" doesn't have p2 and "okNotFound" is false, it's throwing an error

Uncaught Error: Unable to locate an 'Type' by the name: Address:#Domain

Anyone have run into the same problem? Am I missing something very obvious? Is there a way I can tell EFContextProvider in MVC4 Web API to render p1 before p2 when creating Metadata?

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Edit: This was a bug and as of v 1.3.2 has been fixed.

This may be a bug. We have not tested extensively with nested complex types. I will try to confirm it today or tommorow.

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Yes. Thank you for the fixing it. It's now verified in my case. – aminjam May 7 '13 at 18:31

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