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Problem is: gets slow when I add the following lines to my :

set foldmethod=syntax 
set foldlevelstart=1 
let javaScript_fold=1 " JavaScript 
let perl_fold=1 " Perl 
let php_folding=1 " PHP 
let r_syntax_folding=1 " R 
let ruby_fold=1 " Ruby 
let sh_fold_enabled=1 " sh 
let vimsyn_folding='af' " Vim script 
let xml_syntax_folding=1 " XML 

Context: whilst editing a file

I think it's fair enough for it to slow down when:

  • opening a new file, recalculating syntax-based folds (e.g. collapse function defs)
  • creating a new function definition

... but... for it to do so everywhere?

Do you use/see the same? What could be done to ameliorate the sluggishness, if anything?

It took me a day to identify this, successfully reproduce it anywhere on my (virtual and non-) machines, eliminating candidate contributors to overall slowness by a process of binary search.

My environment

VIM - Vi IMproved 7.3 (2010 Aug 15, compiled Mar 12 2013 14:05:25)

OS X v10.8.3 (build 12D78)


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Fear not, questions about programming tools are on topic. Feel free to remove your preamble. –  Codie CodeMonkey Apr 2 '13 at 20:58

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You can play with some auto commands. Turning on features depending on the type of files, vim can speed up. Example:

autocmd BufRead *.pt set filetype=xml
au FileType xml setlocal foldmethod=syntax
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set foldmethod=indent

is much faster and works more reliably and in a more predictable manner across languages than syntax.

Also, what is the point of adding " PHP after let php_folding=1?

Anyway, you should get yourself a proper Vim: the one provided with Mac OS X is both outdated and crippled. Using the latest available version may not fix your issue but it provides the best baseline for asking and providing help.

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I use macports, I was never able to figure out brew (shame on me). Is macports an acceptable vim, by your account? I might as well start by switching versions.. –  Robottinosino Apr 2 '13 at 22:05
I copied that " PHP from the web, if you Google for it, you'll see I plagiarised my "vim folding section"! Can you give me a better "vim folding section" to copy word by word? –  Robottinosino Apr 2 '13 at 22:08
1. Brew is not better than MacPorts. It's more fashionable but not intrinsically better: if you have no problem with MacPorts and are not a hipster, switching to brew is worthless. 2. MacPorts Vim is OK but I simply use a downloaded MacVim. That's the same version anyway. 3. Copying other people's config is not the right way to go. You are supposed to identify a need and read :help to find out how to suit it. And read :help whenever you find something interesting online. 4. That line in my answer is the only fold-related setting in my ~/.vimrc: i've never found a reason to complain. –  romainl Apr 3 '13 at 5:49

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