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Are there any tools which will let me draw out a complex flowchart and then convert it to JavaScript or PHP?

I have a series of long, and very complicated flowcharts which may change over time. I would like to be able to draw a flowchart (say in Dia) and generate code - or even pseudo code - rather than having to manually try to craft the if/else statements by hand.

Most of the tools I've looked at work the other way round - they take the code and then create a flowchart. Tools like dia2code really only work with UML to generate class files.

Bonus points for anything which works on Linux :-)

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I used Drakon http://drakon-editor.sourceforge.net/ Easily converts flow charts to code (JS, C++, etc)

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Diagramo uses JavaScript, HTML5 and PHP to draw diagrams in browser.

Guys from M.I.T used is as base to build a visual IDE that took a diagram and export it as code. See the interview and screenshots here

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Well, AthTek FlowChart to Code can help in converting flowchart to JavaScript or PHP code, but it can only work on Windows. On their site they said that the software can generate pseudocode from the flowchart. So I think it cannot handle a complex flowchart. Maybe you can ask them that if they can provide a Linux version to you. http://www.athtek.com/flowchart-to-code.html

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Try Zingtree. Customers see a Q&A format interface, and you can draw your screens, add images, video and HTML, and more. From there, add 4 lines of code to ytour web site and your flowchart comes alive.

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"Code Rocket", avaliable just for Windows OS by now.


I didn't check deeper that programm for myself but at first glance, that trial version of the programm looked pretty professional and commercial. I'm looking for best variant of PHP diagramming program for myself - too. But, have considered that for my moral obligation to mention AND "Code Rocket"...

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