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I have following lines in my vimrc

colorscheme solarized

This obviously sets solarized colorscheme. My actual .vimrc is definitely longer than this and I also specify more options for solarized. However, the problem I am facing can be demonstrated using this minimum vimrc file.

When I open vim (version 7.3), it starts with a black background with solarized colorscheme. When I do :source ~/.vimrc to source the vimrc again it shifts to the light background. After that I can source vimrc multiple times and the background remains light.

Quite apart from the fact that this might be a bug in solarized, I fail to understand how the same vimrc can produce different behaviour when sourced in vim.

I am hopefully looking for pointers on how to go about debugging this.


After the comment from @jim-stewart I did a bit more thorough debugging. Added echo statements in my .vimrc and solarized.vim.

I found that when my .vimrc is run, solarized.vim is sourced and the correct color palette (in my case elseif g:solarized_termcolors != 256 && &t_Co >= 16) is set.

Then .vimrc reaches its end (executing other commands if any) and then solarized.vim is sourced again but this time the color palette is set wrongly to (if(has("gui_running") && (g:solarized_degrade == 0))). I have checked variables in this if statement and they have correct values and this color palette should not be set.

I don't know why solarized.vim is being sourced twice and that too wrongly the second time. Once I am inside vim and invode :echo g:colors_name then it generates E121 error and tells me that the variable is not being set.

Now, from inside vim if I invode :colorscheme solarized then I get correct solarized theme depending on the background. Also, :echo g:colors_name returns solarized.

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I'm not sure why it's toggling light/dark like that, but do you have set background=dark in your .vimrc? Try putting that before the colorscheme line to always use dark. – Jim Stewart Apr 2 '13 at 22:32
Do you have a VimEnter autocommand set up somewhere that might be doing this? – jszakmeister Apr 3 '13 at 9:18

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