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On the iOS platform, an auto-renewing in-app subscription renews 24 hours prior to expiry.

What is the equivalent time at which an auto-renewing in-app subscription renews on Android? I have a number of subscriptions within 24 hours of expiry, but they don't appear to be renewed/renewing. I have a block of more than 200 in-app subscriptions all within 24 hours of expiry but not a single one appears to have an extended expiration date when I reverify it with Google. It is unlikely that my user retention rate across this number of samples is actually 0%.


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Looks like they're rather vague in the documentation:

Monthly — Google Play bills the customer’s Google Checkout account at the time of purchase and monthly subsequent to the purchase date (exact billing intervals can vary slightly over time)

I feel like this means they would try to be as close to the original billing time as possible, although I couldn't be sure.

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