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I want to make radio buttons with my images. So i define my div like this:

<div id="LabBox">
    <img class="dlike" alt="dlike" src="images/dlike_OFF.png"/>
    <img class="check" alt="check" src="images/check_OFF.png"/>
    <img class="funny" alt="funny" src="images/funny_OFF.png"/>
    <img class="idea" alt="idea" src="images/idea_OFF.png"/>
    <img class="imp" alt="imp" src="images/imp_OFF.png"/>


i would like to toggle in filename. So i use the follow jqueqy code:

  $("#LabBox img").click(function () {

var src;    
var srcname = $(this).attr("src");

    // turn on!
if(srcname.toLowerCase().indexOf("off") >= 0){

    //(e.g images/dlike_OFF.png -> images/dlike_ON.png)
src = $(this).attr("src").replace("OFF", "ON");  
    $(this).attr("src", src);   
    // All others turn off! for other words src swap.
  var src2 =$(this).siblings().attr("src").replace("ON", "OFF");
   // All images are the same pic. why?? ---> src="images/dlike_OFF.png"
  $("#LabBox img").attr("src",src2);


The problem is when i want to replace to all "brothers" of my selected tag (image).All img change to same img which is the "images/dlike_OFF.png" (first one). How can i change all my img using siblings()?Or How can i adapt my script to swap all images?

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$("#LabBox img").click(function () {
    if (this.src.indexOf('OFF') != -1) {
        this.src = this.src.replace('OFF', 'ON');
    $(this).siblings().attr('src', function(i,src) {
        return src.replace('ON', 'OFF')
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$("#labBox").on('click','img[src$=OFF]',function () {
  this.src = this.src.replace('OFF', 'ON');
     this.src = this.src.replace('ON', 'OFF');
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