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I'm trying to validate zip code entries in an input text box. So far I was able to have it return true if 5 digits are entered. But in some cases where an invalid zip like 00000 is entered, it still acts like a valid zipcode was entered. Right now I have:

if(zipEntered == false)

        if(input_mc.input_txt.length == 5)
            trace("valid zip");

        else {
            trace("not valid zip");
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You could use something like this list to determine what ranges of zip codes are valid, and then amend your code:

var numericZip = parseInt(input_mc.input_txt.text);
var zipValid = (
  (numericZip >= 35801 && numericZip <= 35816) /* Alabama */
  || (numericZip >= 99501 && numericZip <= 99524) /* Alaska */
  // etc
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