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I need to create temporary queues on fly. How is that possible?

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From your jms Queue/TopicSession object: see QueueSession javadoc.

You need to keep the session open for the lifecycle of the temporary queue.

Typical usage is for a client to open a session and put a message on a shared processing queue,using the temporary queue in the reply-to field of the message. eg:(pseudo-code)

Queue queue = session.createQueue("shared");
Queue responseQueue = session.createTemporaryQueue();
Message message = session.createMessage();
MessageConsumer responseConsumer = session.createConsumer(responseQueue);
Message response = responseConsumer.receive();

The MDB ( or listener that read the shared process queue ) will send the response back to the reply-to queue. If the client is dead for any reason, its session is closed and the queue ceased to exist.

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Thanx, this was correct answer to my question, but I needed different solution. check… – newbie Oct 19 '09 at 7:22

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